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Milestone Pool Service LLC is owned by Doug and Judy Cowen, a married couple who live in Forest Lake, Minnesota. Doug Cowen has worked in the pool business for thirty-nine (39) years. He started with a summer job while in high school working on a pool construction crew. Through the years, Doug has worked in just about every job in the pool industry, including selling, construction, service, and managing.

Photograph of Doug and Judy Cowen, their youngest son, Trevor, and their two Border Terriers, Phoebe and Lark

Doug and Judy Cowen with their youngest son, Trevor, who helps with the pool business when not in school. Ask the Cowen's about their Border Terriers. Doug is holding Phoebe and Judy is holding Phoebe's daughter, Lark. Judy breeds and shows these active little dogs.

Doug realized there is a need for personalized customer service in the pool business. He thought that people would appreciate working with the same person throughout any pool project. Doug and his wife, Judy, both enjoy working with people and share a desire to provide top notch customer service. They decided to start their own company, Milestone Pool Service, in 2011. Their unique combination of personalized customer service and high quality craftsmanship has brought them many new customers through referrals.


Why Choose Milestone?

“Your pool is a big investment, and we bring decades of experience with us on every job. We strive to make you a customer for life. We start by treating you like we would like to be treated. We'll give you our honest assessment of what is needed and what we think would work best in your specific situation. We won't try to sell you things you don't need and don't want.”

“We've chosen to be a small company, and to know each of our customers on a first name basis. We're proud of our work, and we are grateful for the loyalty our customers show us. We would be thrilled to service your pool. When you contact us, you will experience pool service as it was meant to be.”

Doug & Judy Cowen


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