Automatic Covers

What Are You Waiting For?

Tired of dragging a heavy cover over your pool? We install, service, and repair convenient automatic covers that are a breeze to open and close. You'll appreciate the safety, cleanliness, and cost savings that an auto cover can provide.

photograph of pool cover opening

An automatic cover is so easy to open and close.

Auto Cover Advantages


If you have kids or pets, or your neighbors have kids or pets, an auto cover can give you some piece of mind. Your auto cover functions as a "horizontal fence," isolating the water with a strong, sturdy barrier. You can't monitor your pool every moment. You'll be more likely to cover your pool when it is this easy, creating a safer environment for your family. A key-operated switch can make your cover even more secure.


A closed cover keeps falling leaves and other debris out of your pool. You'll spend more time swimming and less time sweeping, skimming, and vacuuming. A closed cover keeps wildlife out of your pool, too.


No more hooking and unhooking. No more hand cranking. No more lugging a big, heavy cover off and back over your pool each day. Just press the button to open or close your cover automatically.

Cost Savings

A covered pool retains heat and stays chemically balanced longer, decreasing the need for the heater and additional chemical use.


Automatic Cover Options


You can choose from among a wide assortment of solid color choices to best coordinate with your pool, your outdoor furniture, and your pool surroundings.

Low Profile or Hidden Track

Your auto cover can be installed with a low profile metal track secured to your pool deck or with the tracks hidden under your pool edging.

photograph of a pool corner showing the external metal track and the flat, metal roller cover

Automatic cover with a low profile metal track in the open position.

close up photograph of the far end of a low profile metal track attached to the pool deck

Close up of the far end of a low profile track when the cover is open.

photograph of a swimming pool with the auto cover with hidden tracks opening

Auto cover with hidden tracks partially opened.

photograph of a pool corner with the auto cover edges extending under the pool edging

Auto cover with hidden tracks in the closed position.


Installation, Service, and Repair

Just give us a call at (651) 755-3008 to arrange for the installation of a new auto cover or to replace or repair one that is no longer working. To maintain your auto cover, Milestone Pool Service's Total Maintenance Package includes cleaning and greasing your auto cover once each year. If you'd rather do that yourself, we can show you how.