Time to Build a Pool!

This is the Year!

You could be swimming in as little as two weeks! Contact us to schedule the construction of your new pool. We build in-ground swimming pools, indoors or outdoors, in the the greater Twin Cities area of Minnesota and parts of western Wisconsin. (See our service area.)

What happens when a pool is built? To give you an idea, we've explained the process below and put together some construction photographs of one of our outdoor, in-ground pools.


One Contact Throughout the Project

Doug personally supervises every pool project, and you'll see him often on site. He'll keep you informed of what is happening and be available to answer your questions. Having one contact person for you throughout the entire project is part of the personalized customer service Milestone provides.


Our Workers

We have long-standing relationships with our work crews and the companies and people who help us build your pool. We are very selective about who we use, because we want everyone involved to care as much about quality and service as we do. For example, our concrete sub-contractor, Concrete Images, has been with us for years because of the extra steps they take to ensure you get a great pool deck.


Building a Pool with Milestone

Appointment and Yard Evaluation

It all starts with an appointment. Call us at (651) 755-3008 and set up a convenient time. We'll come out and evaluate your yard or pool space and chat with you about what type of pool will work in your space and what types of options are available. We'll listen to you. We want to build the pool of your dreams.

pool worker creates smooth, rounded edge on concrete pool deck

A worker rounds the edges of the concrete deck, so you won't have a sharp edge where your lawn or landscaping abuts the pool deck.

Pool Proposal, Feature Selection, and Contract

Once we know what you want and what your property can support, we'll work up a pool proposal. You'll get to select the features, colors, and options you want. A popular option is an automatic cover. When we're both clear on exactly what you want, a contract will be prepared for you to sign.

Building Permit

Next, Milestone will apply for the building permit. We do everything legal and above board, so you don't have to worry about problems.

Pool Construction

A very precise hole is dug, and the pool walls are installed and braced. The pool base is applied, and the liner is hung. Gas and electric are hooked up, and the concrete decking is installed. The pool is filled with water, and the water is balanced. The operation of everything is double-checked.

Walk Through

When the pool is finished, Doug will do a walk-through with you and make sure you know how to operate all the equipment.

Continuing Customer Service

Once your pool is built, we won't disappear. If you have a question about your pool, Doug would be happy to answer it. If you'd rather swim than do pool chores, Milestone has a great weekly Total Maintenance Package for a worry-free swimming season.


Want Proof?

We are proud of our work. We'd be happy to show you pools we've built and give you a chance to see the superior quality of Milestone's pool projects for yourself. You can also see pictures of some of the pools we've built in our swimming pool photo gallery.


Pool Photographs