Liner Replacements

A worker installs the safety drain cover on top of the new liner.

We'll Get You Swimming Again

We'll get you swimming again with a new pool liner. When your liner needs replacing, it is as great time to consider a new look. Many patterns and color choices are available. Just give us a call at (651) 755-3008 and we'd be happy to show you your options, order your new liner, and get it professionally installed as soon as possible.


Replacing Your Liner

Pool liners typically last 10 or more years if properly cared for and maintained. When we replace a liner, we first pump down the water and remove and dispose of your old liner. Next, we inspect and repair the pool bottom as needed. Then, we hang the new liner with care and use an industrial vacuum to form-fit it. Covers, sealing frames, and gaskets are carefully removed and replaced with new ones during the installation. You'll be enjoying your pool once again.